Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Uplifting Society through Education

Gokul Global University is a state private university located in the northern part of Gujarat state of India, near the holy town of Sidhpur. Realising the cherished dream of his mother Pujya Hansaba, Shri Balvantsinh C. Rajput, the President of this university, founded the institution to serve their Janmabhumi and Karmabhumi. The university was established in March 2018 under the Gujarat Private State University Act 4 of 2018. The prime objective is to bring about inclusivity through cost effective, quality education to the students belonging to rural, under developed and developing areas that are away from main cities and to strive for social upliftment of under privileged sections of society through community outreach endeavours in the neighbourhood.

Since its inception, the management has put in humongous efforts for providing quality education to the students of North Gujarat and surrounding regions by beginning programmes in a range of disciplines. Since the University is located in a rural area, the major thrust area of the institution is to provide quality education to the students belonging to rural areas. There are quite a good number of students from under-privileged sections of society also, who took advantage of scholarships from the government and from the university management for their education. Catering to the needs of such students requires substantial resources. Sources of funding being limited, the institution uses strategic measures for optimum and effective utilisation of resources, to fulfil this prime objective of inclusiveness and social outreach.

To meet the objective of affordable and quality education, students from economically challenged background are provided financial assistance by the institution. Ample avenues of financial support are available from the state government. Students need help to tap these avenues, which are provided proactively. The same is done for financial support from non-government agencies.

Societal interaction and community outreach has been a way of life at the institution. The university has adopted five villages from the surrounding areas. Awareness & development programmes have been carried out in these villages. The students and staff members also participate in such awareness programmes. Recently a camp has been organized at one of the villages known as Chandravati where activities were performed under the banner of National Service Scheme. By organizing such camps, the University is contributing towards social upliftment and rural development.

The campus also witnesses a number of the diversified extension activities carried out at the campus and that leads to the development of a sense of social responsibility among the students.
There are two hospitals located on the campus i.e. Ayurvedic and Homeopathic hospitals. It is indeed a great privilege for the students & staff members of the university to avail the medical facilities. The medicines are also made available to people from nearby villages where these medicines are provided either free of cost or at very nominal cost.
The University has a Women Development Cell under which various activities are carried out. The Women's Development Cell (WDC) was established with the purpose of creating a gender-sensitive community, enhancing awareness about gender equality and promoting women's empowerment. Development and awareness programmes are organized wherein female staff and students are invited to participate. Susri. Bhikhiba Rajput, wife of President takes keen interest in activities related to woman.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University, in collaboration with the Gokul Foundation, actively engaged in community support initiatives. The university has made significant contributions to the fight against the pandemic by donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly face shields, addressing the acute shortage during these challenging times. The affiliated hospitals played a crucial role in providing essential healthcare services. The Nursing Department actively participated by offering bed facilities for quarantine patients. These initiatives underscore Gokul Global University's commitment to social responsibility, utilizing its resources and expertise to address immediate needs and contribute to healthcare provisions.
The NSS unit at university serves as a platform for students to engage in community work and contribute to nation-building. Various activities are organized by the unit towards that purpose including regular health camps, cleanliness drives in both the campus and nearby slum areas, and awareness campaigns on issues such as health and sanitation.
The university encourages students to participate in outreach programs organized by their respective departments, facilitating a deeper understanding of social issues within the community. Activities such as blood donation camps, tree plantation, and cleanliness awareness programs are integral components of these initiatives. They not only contribute to the well-being of the community but also foster a virtuous cycle between society and an inclusive academic system.
Inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development, the University actively participates in the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. Under this initiative, the students conduct various activities aimed at the development of rural society, seeking to establish a symbiotic relationship between the university and rural India by providing knowledge and practices that address the development needs of the community.
Recognizing the importance of healthcare, University has established a medical alliance offering discounted fees. This initiative provides employees and their family’s access to tertiary care services at university hospitals in Sidhpur. The university also extends its services to the broader community, organizing healthcare camps and school health programs in the rural areas. There is a dedicated ambulance service provided by the hospital. The hospital intends to cater to the needs related to medical care for the students, staff, their family members and the population around.
As evident from the founding philosophy of the institution, the commitment and dedication of entire family of the founder of the institution for upliftment of the people in the vicinity, the structure of the institution and its activities, there is a strong emphasis on societal outreach, inclusivity and upliftment of underprivileged communities in the neighborhood.
This distinct identity of the institution, which is ingrained in its philosophy, has been blended seamlessly with the academic life of the students and used as a vehicle to impart them a sense of social responsibility, making it a learning tool and an educational initiative.

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