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Is Gokul Global University, Sidhpur Recognised by UGC?

Gokul Global University, Sidhpur, Gujarat has been established by ACT of State legislature of Gujarat on 23nd March 2018 as a private university, underzthe UGC section 2(f) UGC Act, 1956.

Under which section of UGC the GGU can award the degree / diploma?

University can award the degree / diploma under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956.

Are all courses approved by the state Govt. and UGC?

Yes, The Gokul Global University can award all courses which are specified by the UGC under Section 22 of the UGC Act with the approval of concerned statutory council(s) as well as academic council of the University.

Is Gokul Global University, Sidhpur eligible to award Ph.D. degree?

Yes, The university can promote the research and award Ph.D. degree award as per the statutes of the University.

Is the degree of Ph.D. valid for Govt. Job as well as employment purpose?

Yes, Ph.D Degree awarded by the University is in accordance with the UGC(Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of Ph.D. Degree) Regulation, 2016.

Has Ph.D. degree completed from Gokul Global University valid for Govt. Job as well as for promotion in Govt. section?


Is Ph.D. degree completed / awarded form the state private university then degree is valid for employment purpose, Govt. Job, promotion and abroad as well as for further study?


Is Ph.D. degree completed / awarded form state private which is equivalent of validity to any other Central University, state Government University, Deemed to be University, as well as any Govt. Institute of National Importance?


Has Gokul Global University got approval from the State Govt for award of the Degee, Diploma etc.

Yes, Gokul Global University has been empowered to give degree, diploma and certificate as well M. Phil / Ph.D. as per UGC norms and Universities Statutes and Ordinances approved by the State Govt.