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GOKUL GLOBAL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ARTS and HUMANITIES, DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH One-week on-line workshop on “PROFICIENCY IN PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION SKILL FOR 21ST CENTURY” was organized by Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of English at Gokul Global University, Siddhpur. The inaugural function of workshop on 2nd Nov, 2020 was addressed by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor/Provost, Dr. Vedvyas J. Dwivedi where he highlighted the significance and importance of proficiency in Professional Skill and Communication. Furthermore, he threw light on some important aspects of New Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Gokul Global University has always been striving for innovative experiment in education and academic standing in its application under NEP-2020 being undertaken by the University and its constituent departments. Dean (FoAH) Dr Renuka Solanki, Shri Dilip Desai (PRO), Dr Jaimini Chaudhari (Coordinator) from Gokul Global University are proud to convey their thanks and gratitude to all the participants and following speakers of various sessions. Importance of Proficiency in Professional Communication Skill - DR. ASHUTOSH PATHAK, Assistant Professor , P.K.Kottawala College, H.N.G.Uni, Patan . Communication in Education - DR. RANJAN PATEL, Professor, S.V.College of Education, K.S.V. university, Kadi. Moral values in Education - PRO. MALVIKA MEHTA, Associate Professor, Smt. Mahila Arts and Home science College, Mehsana, H.N.G.University, Patan. ICT for 21st century – DR. VEDVYAS J DWIVEDI, Vice-Chancellor, Gokul Global University Use of Practical Work - DR. RITESH VAIDYA, Dean Faculty of Science, Gokul Global University, Sidhapur. Significance of Teamwork in Professional Skill - DR. R.N.JOSHI, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, C. U. Shah University, Wadhwan City, Surendranagar Gujarat Public Speaking - DR. PAWAN DWIVEDI, Dy. Registrar, Parul University, Vadodara Interpersonal skill - DR. MIHIR DAVE – G.D.Modi Arts and Commerce College, Palanpur, H.N.G.University, Patan. Problem Solving Skill in Education - DR. DEVANG JOSHI, Registrar, Charotar University of Science and Technology, Changa Anand