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Event Description

On the occasion of Guru Purnima the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science and Faculty of Computer Science and Application jointly organized Guru Vandana, where all the Guru’s were worshiped by Kanku and Tikal , this was done by NSS volunteers and each Guru explained the importance of Guru Purnima to more the 100 NSS volunteers and students who were present to celebrate the occasion.To Illuminate the auspicious occasion it was graced by the presence of Dr.Akil Saiyed,Pro-Vice Chancellor,Dr.Renuka Rajput,Dean-Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science,Mr.Manoj Patel- Dean, Faculty of Computer Science & Applications and professor Dr.Tarun Dwivedi , Dr.Jaimini Chaudhari & Dr.Naha Thakker to bless the students. The program was highlighted by the students of Arts College giving thier speech through sloka in his/her own idea of Guru Purnima .Whole program was conducted by Dr.Naresh Ravat and Department of NSS .