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About Guest/Visiting Experts

Higher education contributes to raise standard of living hood in the society. Transformation and changes in higher education course curriculum work culture, training and learning modules, evaluation and accreditation etc. are components of quality system. To meet the demand and requirements of new education policy 2020 Gokul Global University has formed and academic quality advisory council. University expresses its gratitude to under tabulated renounce scholars from India and overseas for that concern and supports and guidance from time to time. To enrich universities academics research work culture and learning environment.

# Name Designation
1 Dr.Abbasali Seliya Botany, Ph.D. (Teaching in M.Sc. Sem II), Jafari College of Science and Technology Sedaraanaa
2 Dr.Amrutlal Patel Ex. Professor and Principal Disha North Gujarat University. Department of Gujarati, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
3 Dr.Trushit Upadhyaya Professor and Head of Department,Faculty of Engineering, Charusat University, Changa
4 Dr.Ravi Raval Dept. of Computer Science & IT , Canada Toronto
5 Dr.Rajesh Sharma Faculty of Arts & Humanities
6 Dr.Tarunkumar Dwivedi Faculty of Arts & Humanities
7 Dr.Ankit Jain Faculty of Commerce & Management
8 Dr.Mukesh Mahawar Faculty of Commerce & Management
9 Senma Shailesh Faculty of Commerce & Management
10 Assoc. Prof. Dr. MERIH PALAND├ľKEN Faculty of Engineering & Technology
11 Mr.Rajkumar Dariyanani Faculty of Commerce & Management
12 Mr.Pavan Kumar Mehta Faculty of Commerce & Management
13 Dr.Deepa Tairaiya Faculty of Engineering & Technology
14 Mr.Kiritbhai Patel Faculty of Paramedical
15 Dr.Chiragkumar Gohil Faculty of Paramedical
16 Dr.Gajendra Shukla Faculty of Paramedical
17 Dr. Virendra Shukla Faculty of Paramedical
18 Dr. Jayesh Suthar Faculty of Paramedical
19 Mr. Vishal Pandya Faculty of Nursing
20 Mr. Trilok Sompura Faculty of Nursing
21 Mr. Binu Methew Faculty of Nursing
22 Mrs.Ami Mohanbhai Patel Faculty of Nursing
23 Ms. Jerusa Gohil Faculty of Nursing
24 Mr. Kaushal Patidar Faculty of Nursing
25 Mrs. Gladys Ranbhise Faculty of Nursing
26 Mr. Virendra Jain Faculty of Nursing
27 Mr. Dayalal Patidar Faculty of Nursing
29 Mr. Rajesh Joshi Faculty of Nursing
30 Dr. Anil Sharma Faculty of Nursing
31 Mr. Chris Thomas Faculty of Nursing
32 Mr. Rakesh Patidar Faculty of Nursing
33 Mr. Jayesh Patidar Faculty of Nursing
34 Mr. Siddhram sarathe Faculty of Nursing
35 Mr. Vipin Vageriya Faculty of Nursing
36 Mr. Falguni Modi Faculty of Nursing
37 Dr. Vijay Gautam Faculty of Nursing
38 Dr. Priyeah Jain Faculty of Nursing
39 Dr. Purvesh Bharvad Faculty of Science (Botany)
40 Dr. N. K. Patel Faculty of Science (Botany)
41 Dr. Piyush J. Vyas Faculty of Science (Chemistry))
42 Dr. Girin Baxi Faculty of Science (Chemistry)
43 Dr. Rajendra Prajapati Faculty of Science (Microbiology)
44 Dr. Aditya Vora Faculty of Science (Physics)
45 Mr. Kishor Trivedi Faculty of Law
46 Mr. Ashwin Karia Faculty of Law
47 Dr. Aditya Vora Faculty of Science (Physics)
48 Dr.Binal S. Patel Faculty of Law
49 Dr. Ashok Shroff Faculty of Law
50 Mr. M.L. Chaudhary Faculty of Law
51 Mr. Maksud Memon Faculty of Law
52 Ms. Rinkal Patel Faculty of Law
53 Dr. Smita B. Vyas Faculty of Law