Sr.No. Equipment and Instruments Available Quantity
1 Shadowless Lamp One
2 Suction Machine (Neonatal) One
3 Oxygen Cylinder and Mask One
4 FoetalToco Cardiograph One
5 Radiant Warmer One
6 Photo therapy Unit One
7 Weighing Machine (Paediatric) One
8 Patient trolley Two
9 Anaesthesia trolley One
10 Infantometer One
11 Vacuum extractor One
12 Foetal Doppler One
13 Low cavity forceps Two
14 Steriliser Two
15 Machintosh rubber sheet Assorted
16 Instruments for labour and Episiotony.(Scissors, forceps, needle holders etc.) Assorted
17 Baby tray Two
18 Nebuliser One
19 Foetoscope Five
20 Auto Clave One
21 Drums Assorted
22 Instrumental Trolley Assorted
23 OT tables and head Up and head Low facility One
24 Pulse Oximeter One
25 Resuccitation kit One
26 Boyle’s apparatus One
27 Electrocautery One
28 MTP Suction Machine One
29 Anaesthesia Kit One
30 Blunt and Sharp Curettes Ten
31 Dilators set (Hegar’s, Hawkins) Five
32 Sims’s Speculum Five
33 Cusco’s Speculum Five
34 Anterior Vaginal Wall retractor Five
35 Uterine sound Five
36 Volsellum Five
37 MTP Suction Currate Five
38 Retractors abdominal (Doyne’s etc.) Five
39 Sponge holding forceps Five
40 Green armytage forceps Five
41 Uterus holding forceps Five
42 Kocher’s forceps Five
43 Artery forceps (Long, short, Mosquito)Each Five
44 Scissors- different sizes Five
45 Forceps obstetrics Five
46 Endotrachial tubes Five
47 Cord Cutting appliances Five
48 I.U.C.D. removing hook Five
49 Bladder Sound Five
50 B.P. apparatus Two
51 HIV kit for emergency patients Assorted
52 Plain and Hole towels Assorted
53 Towel Clips Assorted
54 Catguts and Thread Assorted
55 Needles Assorted
56 Needle holders Assorted

Sr.No. Equipment and Instruments Available Quantity
I Shalya:
1. Spot light (Shadow less ceiling fitted) One
2. Needle holding Forceps (big- medium-small) Assorted
3. Dressing drums of Assorted size Assorted
4. Drum stand Assorted
5. IV Stand Two
6. Cheatles Forceps Four
7. Mosquito forceps Four
8. Scissors straight (Tailor) Four
9. Scissors curved of different sizes Five each
10. Stitch removal scissors Five each
11. Dissection forceps Four
12. Sinus Forceps Four
13. Probes - Assorted size Five each
14. Pointed scissors Four
15. Abdominal Retractors Five
16. Tissue Forceps Five
17. Bob Kock’s Forceps Five
18. Kocher’s Forceps Five
19. Urethral Dilators Five each
20. Metal Catheters Five each
21. Sponge holding forceps Four
22. Right Angle cholecystectomy Forceps Four
23. Stone holding forceps Four
24. Allies Forceps small Four
25. Allies Forceps Big Four
26. Artery Forceps small Four
27. Artery Forceps big Four
28. Artery Forceps Medium Four
29. Sigmoidoscope Rigid/flexible One
30. Barron Pile’s Gun Two
31. Laryngoscope Pediatric/Adult One
32. Boyles Apparatus One
33. Multi-parameter Monitor One
34. Ambu Bag Two
35. Suction machine Electrical or Manual One
36. Skin grafting knife with handle Assorted
37. Surgical blades of different size Assorted
38. Self-Retaining Retractor Assorted
39. Bone cutter Two
40. Gigli Saw Two
41. Scoop Assorted
42. Periasteum elevator Two
43. Maggles Forceps Assorted
44. High Pressure Autoclave One
45. Nitrous Oxide Cylinder One
46. Hydrolic Operation Table One
47. Boyle’s Apparatus One
48. Instrument Trolley Assorted
49. Endotracheal Tube Assorted
50. Proctoscope with or without illumination Two
51. Gabrial Syringe One
52. Strecher with trolley Two
53. Suction Machine Assorted
54. Emergency power back up facility Assorted
55. Emergency light Four
56. Fire Extinguisher Two
57. BP Apparatus Assorted
58. Fumigator One
59. Refrigerator One
60. X-ray View Box (double) Two
61. Gabrial Syringe One
62. Strecher with trolley Two
63. Suction Machine Assorted
64. Emergency power back up facility Assorted
65. Emergency light Four
66. Fire Extinguisher Two
67. BP Apparatus Assorted
68. Fumigator One
69. Refrigerator One
70. X-ray View Box (double) Two
71. Revolving Stool Assorted
72. Vertical BP Instrument One
73. Rubber catheters of Assorted size Assorted
74. Corrugated rubber drain Assorted
75. Suturing Needle (straight/curved) of Assorted size Assorted
76. Surgical Thread Assorted
77. BP Handle of different size Assorted
78. Needle holder Assorted
II Shalakya: Ophthalmic Equipment or Instruments for Operative Surgery
79. Ophthalmic Operation table with Head rest One
80. Sterilizing box/case with matts Assorted
81. Lens insertion Forceps Assorted
82. Keratome Assorted
83. Desmarres lid retractors Assorted
84. Cat-paw lacrimal retractor Assorted
85. Mueller lacrimal sac retractor Assorted
86. Dastoor iris retractor Assorted
87. Meyrhoefer Chalazioncurrete Assorted
88. Sinsky lens manipulating hook Assorted
89. IOL Manipulator Assorted
90. Foreign body spud Assorted
91. Lewis lens loop (vectis) Assorted
92. Cystotome and spoon Assorted
93. Mule Evisceration spoon Assorted
94. Iris repository (double-ended) Assorted
95. Jameson muscle hook Assorted
96. Wills cautery with copper ball-point Assorted
97. Langs lacrimal sac dissector Assorted
98. Kelly Glaucoma punch Assorted
99. Elevator (double ended) Assorted
100. Nasal speculum adult/child Assorted
101. Wilder punctum Dilator Assorted
102. Bowman lacrimal probes Assorted
103. Hartman mosquito forceps Assorted
104. Colibri forceps 1*2 teeth Assorted
105. Mc. person corneal forceps with tying platform Assorted
106. Dressing forceps, serrated Assorted
107. Moorfieldconjuctival forceps Assorted
108. Fixation forceps Assorted
109. Beer cilea (epilation) forceps Assorted
110. Arruga capsular forceps Assorted
111. Snellen Entropion clamp Assorted
112. Chalazion clamps Assorted
113. Vannas straight scissors Assorted
114. Barraquer needle holder Assorted
115. Air injection cannula Assorted
116. Healon aspirating cannula Assorted
117. AC washout cannula Assorted
118. Lacrimal cannula Assorted
119. Hydrodialysis cannula Assorted
120. J-loop cannula (Right/Left With silicon tubing) Assorted
121. Simcok direct I/A cannula with silicon tubing Assorted
122. Irrigating aspirating handle Assorted
123. Lens dialer Assorted
124. Superior Rectus forceps Assorted
125. Eye wash glasses (for Tarpana Karma) Assorted
126. Swimming Goggles (for Tarpana Karma) Assorted
III ENT-Surgical or Operative Procedural Instruments
127. Aural Syringe Assorted
128. Jobson’s Aural Probe Assorted
129. Eustachian Catheter Assorted
130. Mastoid Retractor Assorted
131. Mastoid Gouge Assorted
132. Mallet Assorted
133. Nasal Foreign Body hook Assorted
134. Nasal packing forceps Assorted
135. Nasal Snare Assorted
136. Bayonet Shaped gouge Assorted
137. Walsham forceps Assorted
138. Laryngeal forceps Assorted
139. Tongue plate with throat suction Assorted
140. Tonsil holding forceps Assorted
141. Tonsillar suction Assorted
142. Adenoid curette with cage Assorted
143. Peritonsillarabcess draining forceps Assorted
144. Fuller’s Tracheostomy Tube Assorted
145. Cheatel’s Forceps Assorted
146. Other consumable articles like gloves, syringes, bandages, sutras, etc. Assorted

Sr.No. Name of Out Patient Department Article available as per norms of CCIM Available Quantity
1 Kayachikitsa
X-Ray View Box One
BP Apparatus Two
Stethoscope Four
Torch Two
Examination Table One
Thermometer Four
Tongue depressor Five
Weight and height measuring stand One
Measuring tape One
Knee Hammer Two
Gloves Assorted
2 Shalya
X-Ray Viewing Box One
Stethoscope Four
Instruments for ano-rectal examination Two sets
Examination Table One
BP Apparatus Two
Thermometer Four
Torch Assorted
Cheatle forceps Assorted
Minor OT Assorted
Surgical Blades Assorted
3 Shalakya
Tuning forks Assorted
Ophthalmoscope/ fundoscope Two
Auroscope Two
Examination Table One
X-Ray Viewing Box One
BP Apparatus Two
Torch Assorted
Stethoscope Four
Thermometer Four
ENT kit Assorted
Torch Two
Bull`s lamp One
4 Prasuti and Stri Roga
Weighing machine One
Sims’s speculum Two
Thermometer Four
Cusco’s speculum Two
Examination Table One
Lamp stand One
Torch Two
X-Ray Viewing Box One
BP Apparatus Two
Stethoscope Four
Measuring tape Two
5 Bal Roga
Scale One
Weighing machine One
Torch Two
X-Ray View Box One
Thermometer Four
BP Apparatus with Pediatric cuff Two
Stethoscope Assorted
Examination Table Assorted
6 Panchkarma As per Kayachikitsa
7 Yoga Section (Swasth Rakhshan) Facilities available (Equipment, Instrument, Furniture etc) Assorted
8 Emergency Facilities available (Equipment, Instrument, Furniture etc) Assorted