Gokul Nursing College is committed to provide quality Nursing Education and prepare graduates who will provide quality care to clients of all age groups in sickness & wellness in the hospital and community, with a holistic and humanistic approach and maintain a high standard of professional care at all times to meet the needs of the changing society through continuing education & contribution to professional growth


To provide the best nursing education that continues with quality improvement, current technology, cost effectiveness and improve student performance in learning and rendering comprehensive, compassionate holistic patient care in the country. 


The aim of Gokul Nursing College is to provide an educational experience through which the graduate nurse will be prepared to assume responsibility in primary, secondary and tertiary care of people as a professional nurse, and capable of teaching and supervising nursing care in different settings and participate in the administration of nursing service and education.

To provide opportunities which would enable the student to develop aptitude to function as an effective nurse

To prepare a professional and technically skilled nurse competent to give comprehensive nursing care to the individual, family and community in sickness and health.

To prepare the student with guidance to take up leadership in teaching, nursing practice in hospitals and community health agencies.

To provide the opportunities and experiences which would enable the students to develop and maintain interpersonal relationship with professionals and with the patients & relatives.

To provide the student with knowledge and learning experience which would enable her as a nurse to function with increasing ability, enlarge her capacity for her own professional growth as an effective citizen and representative of her profession