UGC guided Faculty Induction Programme (FIP) was organized by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor / Provost Dr.Vedvyas Jayprakashnarayan Dwivedi and Shri Atish Barot (HR-head) , coordinated by PRO Shri Dilip Desai, during 6-8 October 2020 at Gokul Global University, Siddhpur Gujarat for newly appointed faculty members from across all disciplines of Technology, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Ayurved, Commerce, Management, Arts, Humanities, Law, Pure Science and Life Sciences Main objective was to create awareness amongst new faculty members about institutional development, productive activities, improvement in academic affairs, good governance and skill based training so that the role of faculty at various level will be understood and their contribution to the institutional development could be enhanced. Renowned experts Dr Sunil Joshi, Dr Ritesh Vaidya, Dr Vedvyas Dwivedi, Dr Rekha Patel, Shri Ashish Sengupta, Shri Kemul Nagori, Shri Yagna adhyaru,Shri Arvindsinh Vaghela Highlighted various academic administrative research and professional aspects for overall development of an institution.