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About Emeritus/Adjunct Professors

Higher education contributes to raise standard of living hood in the society. Transformation and changes in higher education course curriculum work culture, training and learning modules, evaluation and accreditation etc. are components of quality system. To meet the demand and requirements of new education policy 2020 Gokul Global University has formed and academic quality advisory council. University expresses its gratitude to under tabulated renounce scholars from India and overseas for that concern and supports and guidance from time to time. To enrich universities academics research work culture and learning environment.

# Name Designation
1 Dr. H. N. Kher Former Provost, Gokul Global University, Siddhpur
2 Dr. Manu Vora Faculty Department of Engineering and Management, USA
3 Dr. Sanket Joshi Faculty Department of Engineering and Management, Oman
4 Dr. Jayprakashnarayan Narayan Faculty of Arts Humanities Department of Sanskrit, Dwarka
5 Dr. Amritlal Patel Faculty of Arts Humanities Department of Gujarati
6 Dr .J. Nanavati Faculty Department of Law
7 Dr.Pradeep Jha Faculty Department of Science
8 Dr.H.N.Vaghela Faculty of Arts & Humanities
9 Dr.Kishor M.Joshi Faculty of Arts & Humanities
10 Dr.Harish Padh Faculty of Arts & Humanities
11 Dr.H.C.Trivedi Faculty of Science (Chemistry)
12 Dr.Rameshchandra G. Kothari Faculty of Education and Psychology