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Event Description

Today on the occasion of 53rd establishment day of N.S.S, the N.S.S team of Gokul Global University Siddhpur in association with Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences celebrated it at University auditorium. Dignitaries of the Gokul Global University, Hon'ble Provost Dr. Vedvyas Dwivedi, Registrar Dr. Himmatsinh Rajput, Dean of FOAH Dr. Renukaben Rajput remained present along with Chief Guest Dr. Niyaz Pathan, Associate Professor Government Arts College, Sami. Dr. Vedvyas highlighted on healthy learnings and productive aspects of NSS towards making our future sustainable and happy. Dr. Pathan delivered his talk on various benefits of NSS in our life and it contribution, and its importance in our life shaping. Deans and Principals of various faculties of GGU had participated in the programme along with more than 160 volunteers of N.S.S. The programme was successfully organised and managed by Mr. Kaushik Ravat, NSS program officer at Gokul Global University Sidhpur #ggu