About Import Export Management

Duration: 1 Years (Year Wise)

Course Fee: Year Wise

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Program Outcomes

The commercial world has evolved greatly over time, with markets and economies steadily changing into new shapes and vast dimensions, giving commerce a central role in modern society. The Faculty of Commerce provides students with a broad academic experience that exposes them to all of the important aspects of their studies. The Faculty aims to nurture and enhance students' commercial competencies by offering a comprehensive curriculum that aims to provide students with professional and practical training in the fields of accounting, commerce, finance, and business. With the expanding need of bridging geographic boundaries through efficient forms of transportation, the aviation industry has found a place of tremendous relevance with the growing scope of globalization. To fulfill this demand, the Faculty of Aviation Management provides students with the most diverse and comprehensive grasp of aviation safety, security, in-flight services, and first aid. The Faculty strives to give aviation students with an engaging practical training that includes in-depth knowledge and insights into aviation management.

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