Gokul Global university is prominently located on state Highway-41 . Sidhpur is situated on Ahmedabad-Mehsana-Delhi broad-gauge railway. Many trains have stoppage here. Many S.T. buses and private buses are available for communication. The campus has its own fleet of buses plying in all the areas from Maheshana-Unjha-Sidhpur, Patan- Sidhpur and Palnpur-Sidhpur and Sidhpur city for faculty, students and staff.

There are 7 buses of GGU for major ruts of Maheshana , Patan and Palanpur and for other ruts we have tied up with Private contractors. They follow the rules and regulations of the institute. Total 10 private vehicles used for other ruts.

Map of Major Ruts GGU

Patan To GGU

Time: 8:15 to 9:15

LilivadiGaytrimandirBus standJayvirnagarT.B. charrastaNavjivan charrastaHansapur Char RastaGGU

Palanpur To GGU

Time: 8:15 to 9:15

KirtistanbhGurunanakJillapanchayatS.T. colonyAroma CircleGreen Park societyKanodar HighwayGGU

Matpur To GGU

Time: 8:15 to 9:15

MatpurSihiTundavAmudhVarvadaBrahmanvadaKhali CharrsataDethali Charrsata GGU