Provost messege

Dr. H. N. Kher

It is a matter of immense pleasure to see the Gokul Educational Campus, which has been elevated to the status of Gokul Global University (GGU).

I also feel glad to see the university progress in the direction of excellence and merit, through which it can direct the overall growth and development of society. This noble goal can be achieved through excellence in education, which can build a generation of entrepreneurial, highly employable, and socially responsible citizens.GGU emphasizes on the all-round development of its students, with the aim of developing thoroughly capable and competent professionals. At the same time. it is our emphasis to inculcate human values and a sense of belonging and responsibility in our students.

The university will always strive to mould the students of the generations to come, by inspiring them to achieve the best of education and reach for the highest ideals in life. Truly, this will be a university, which others will strive to emulate and follow in the future.

It is inspiring and elevating to witness our students embarking upon successful careers after their stint at this university. I wish the students who are currently engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and education all the best for the future endeavor.