Nursing Collage Laboratories Details

Sr. No.Laboratory NameEquipment Description
1Nursing Foundation lab:Nursing is predominantly skill based. To become expert clinical nurse students are allowed to practice first in skill lab and then placed with the patient. It is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge and skills in techniques of nursing and practice them in supervised settings. It has good infrastructure facilities like enough Bed strength, various types of manikins, Infusion training arm and different types of articles and equipment for the demonstration of nursing procedures.
2Computer Lab: Well equipped 10 terminal computer labs helps in imparting hands on experience to students wit.
3A/V Aid:The Lab consist of projected and Non Projected A.V. Aids for batter learning outcome of the students. It is designed with different types of teaching aids to help the students to improve their knowledge & understanding. Some of the Audio Visual Aids are Television, Over Head Projector, and LCD projector screens.
4Pre-clinical Science Lab: It is designed to assist students in acquiring knowledge of the normal structure of human body. Lab is equipped with various models, specimens, Skelton, all kinds of bone, charts.
5Community Health Nursing Lab: It is designed for the students to develop skills in primary care for the individuals, families and groups at both urban & rural settings. Lab provides drugs for managing and treating minor health problems. It provides facilities for the students to practice skills related to Community Health Nursing.
6Maternal and Child Health Nursing: It is set up with the view to enable the students to provide comprehensive care to mothers, neonates and children. The infrastructure of the lab includes adult cots, pediatric cots and different articles and instruments used in obstetrics and child health nursing. This will help the students to acquire knowledge and skills in patient care that are to be practiced in clinical settings.
7Nutrition Lab: The subject nutrition is designed to assist the students to acquire knowledge for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nursing. The Nutrition lab is well established with all facilities including gas stoves, refrigerators and microwave, variety of articles and vessels for the development of skills in preparation of different food items are present.