Medical Facilities

Gokul Sarvajanik Ayurveda Hospital, established in April 2015 and Gokul Sarvajanik Homeopathic Hospital established in April 2016 with a sole motto “healthy individual, healthy society; the strength of Nation” consequently rendering exceptional health care services with a holistic approach of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic system of medicine; to educate the people in and around Sidhpur; the values of sound physical, mental and spiritual healthiness; by organizing health and hygiene awareness camps at rural places and also offering quality medical services to the needy people at a well established 60 bedded hospital for Ayurvedic hospital and 25 bedded for Homeopathic Hospital at Gokul Foundation Campus.

The Ayurvedic hospital is spread into 22000 sq. feet while Homeopathic Hospital into 1310.28 sq. metres , with well equipped, clean and ambient OPDs, IPD, OT complex, Labor room, Panchakarma therapy unit (separate for male and female), central pathological laboratory and physiotherapy unit.

A team of qualified, experienced and skillful doctors, nurses and other faculty are ever striving to offer a service of excellence towards healing and provide the relief from the ailment.Eminent specialists in their respective specializations hold the rein of the several departments viz.

Kayachikiysa,Panchakarma,Shalya Tantra,Shalakya Tantra,Prasooti Tantra and stree Roga, Koumarabhritya, Swasthavritta and Yoga Emergencies or casualty cases are attended with high priority and finest care. Modern medical specialists of respective specialty are always being there in to help and support by providing there timely services in high risk cases.

Facilities available at Gokul Sarvajanik Ayurveda Hospital and Gokul Sarvajanik Homeopathic Hospital:

Facilities at Hospitals

Free medicines for OPD and IPD patients for both the hospitalsX-rayUSG
Pathological investigationsPhysiotherapyGeriatric counseling and treatment
ECGTeaching and training of yoga for healthy livingSnehana
AbhyangaSwarnabindu prashanaANC, Labor and Post Natal care
Sterility and infertility counseling and treatmentKriyakalpasLepa
SurgeriesRasayana prayogaKati, Janu, Greeva basti etc.