Computer Engineering Laboratories Details

Sr.No.Equipment NameEquipment DescriptionEquipment Quantity
1Computer CenterDesktop PCExternal HDD(Desktop PC(ACER/HCL OS-Linux 2 GB / 4 GB 300/500 GB HDD Core i3/i5)External DVD Writer24 Hrs Internet Connectivity on 8 Mbps leased line connectivity to provide high speed internet experience. Latest infrastructure to provide training on internet technologies like JAVA, ASP, .NET. Php etc.42
1Database Management SystemDesktop PC(ACER/HCL OS-Linux 2 GB / 4 GB 300/500 GB HDD Core i3/i5)A database management system (DBMS) is computer application software that provides a way to manage data. The requirement of modern days is to have an automated system that manages, modifies and updates data accurately.28
1Computer GraphicsDesktop PC(ACER/HCL OS-Linux 2 GB / 4 GB 300/500 GB HDD Core i3/i5)This lab provides students a found understanding of basic concepts of computer graphics and the need of developing graphic applications. Progress in this field is attained by interactivity, realism, and flexibility. The Computer Graphics Lab focuses on research in curve and surface design, rendering, perception, and user interfaces28
1System ProgrammingDesktop(ACER/HCL OS-Linux 2 GB / 4 GB 300/500 GB HDD Core i3/ i5)Training students for basic programming concept using C language on Linux operating system for all the streams.28
Computer Facilities
No of Legal System Software4
No of Legal Application Software22
Bandwidth Ratio26 Mbps
Internet Contention Ratio1:1
PC exclusively available students210
No. of PCs available in Library1
PCs available in Administrative office 2
Number of Books other than Technical24
No. of PCs in language Lab21
PCs available to Faculty Members5
Printer available to Students2