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Homoeopathy is a science of medicine which treats diseases by increasing the Immunity of the Human body. A minimum dose is needed to enhance the strength of the vital force. The vital force is the whole and sole source of energy of a living organism which maintains all the body functions in right and proper order, maintains the equilibrium. Thus, Homoeopathy improves the defense system of the body without causing any harm or side-effects by virtue of minimum dynamic dose.

Single Medicine, Minimum dose and Maximum effect

Homoeopathy works on the higher centers of the body through psycho-neuro-endo axis. It cures not only the disease but also enhance the effectiveness of the entire system of the human body. Therefore, homeopathy does not believe in giving different medicines for different afflicted parts of the body but rather give one single constitutional remedy, which covers the person as a whole. Thus, Homoeopathy is a holistic science of medicine.