Electrical Engineering Laboratories Details

Sr. No.NameDescription
1Electrical Engineering LaboratoryThe goals of the Laboratory are to provide the fundamental knowledge base for electrical engineering and to educate students to become technological leaders in the electrical base industry. There are so many types of motor or generator and other equipment which operated on AC and DC supply.
2DC Circuit LaboratoryWe have many types of lab in electrical department related to different subject. In Dc circuit lab we have many instruments by using this instrument student learn some practical’s Related to this subject.And all the equipment is available in lab.
3AC Circuit LaboratoryIn AC circuit lab we have many instruments related to course by using this instrument student learn some practical’s and also learn about home appliance .how its operated.
4Electrical Instrumentation LaboratoryIn this lab we have many instruments.by using this instrument student learn various industrial application and also know how electrical quantity measure in industrial level.
5Electrical Engineering Workshop PracticeWe have very good learning models of electrical engineering system which are very useful to understand basic principal of electrical eng. By this models and instruments students can easily learn about electrical wiring , protective equipment’s And also know about house wiring and industrial wiring.
6Electrical Components And CircuitWe have lab of electrical components and circuits lab with necessary equipment’s as listed. By those instruments students learning about LED ZENER DIODE and other this type of equipment’s. Which are use in electronics side.